W24S-140 Profile Bending Machine


This is a W24S-140 profile bending machine installed in a factory in Jiangsu, China. Its main job is to bend production flanges and occasionally to bend angle irons.

This is a W24S-140 profile bending machine that has been working for more than 20 years. It is still used as a flange bending machine for the factory.

The profile bending machine (It is also called section bending machine) is used as a flange bending machine, which is very common in the economically developed areas of China’s light machinery industry. Thirty years ago, China did not have a dedicated flange production machine. It needed to import profile bending machines from Europe to meet production requirements. BIT developed and produced the first profile bending machine in Jiangsu.


W24S-140 profile bending machine is used as a section bending machine for bending flat steel in Jiangsu, China. In fact, it is omnipotent like 007. From the most difficult to bend H-beam to some weird profile bending, such as the curved profile bending in the picture below, we even designed a machine to produce flat steel into semi-circular profiles.

W24S-140 Profile Bending Machine
W24S-140 cross-section bending machine using a special mold to bend semi-arc profiles.


bar profiles bent hard way Max.Section(mm): 150×30 bar profiles bent easy way Max.Section(mm): 250×40
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1500 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1000
bent square bar profiles Max.Section(mm): 80×80 bent pipe profiles Max.Section(mm): Φ170×6
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1500 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2000
bent square tube profile Max.Section(mm): 120x120x8 angle profile bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 140x140x14
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ3000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1500
angle profile bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 140x140x14 channel profiles bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 300
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1500 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1200
channel profiles bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 300 bent tee profile Max.Section(mm): 130x130x15
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1200 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1500
bent I-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 300 bent H-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 160
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1200 Min.bending DIA(mm) Φ6000
Sectional modulus cm3: 75-140 Bending speed: 6 Meters/Minute
Material yield limit(Mpa): 250 Motor power (KW): 15

W24S-140 Profile Bending Machine Photos


Heavy metal frame works,Highway and rail transit construction,Shipbuilding,City furniture,Small and medium-sized steel production,Environment and water treatment works,Auto industry,Agriculture and animal husbandry facilities,Air conditioning and refrigeration industry,Renewable energy industry,Construction machinery industry,Playground facilities.


Transportation mode of W24S-140 and W24S-180 profile bending machine
Transportation mode of W24S-140 and W24S-180 profile bending machine

It should be noted that the transportation of W24S-140, W24S-180 and W24S-250 profile bending machines requires a special 20-foot container with an open top because of the weight.

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