W24-75 4-Roll Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine


The section bending capacity of W24S-75 4-roll profile bending machine is the same as that of W24S-75 three-roll section bending machine; the difference is that it has four rolls,has the function of pre-bending the end of the profile, which can complete the pre-bending of the end of the profile and the roll forming of the workpiece without turning.Here, every secondary element is eliminated and results in higher torque transmission. Reduce the flat end of the profile, thereby saving a lot of cost.

W24-75 4-Roll Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine
W24-75 4-Roll Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine

Small size, compact and reasonable structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and bending accuracy meets industry standards;

W24-75 4-Roll Profile Bending Machine Specifications

bar profiles bent hard way Max.Section(mm): 120×25 bar profiles bent easy way Max.Section(mm): 250×30
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ800
bent square bar profiles Max.Section(mm): 70×70 bent pipe profiles Max.Section(mm): Φ140×4
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ800 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1800
bent square tube profile Max.Section(mm): 100x100x6 angle profile bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 120x120x12
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1500
angle profile bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 120x120x12 channel profiles bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 200
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1000
channel profiles bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 200 bent tee profile Max.Section(mm): 120x120x12
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1500
bent I-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 200 bent H-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 120
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1000 Min.bending DIA(mm) Φ4000
Sectional modulus cm3: 45-75 Bending speed: 6 Meters/Minute
Material yield limit(Mpa): 250 Motor power (KW): 11

W24S-75 four-roll section bending machine features

W24S-75 4-roll section bending machine main drive type: All four work rolls are main drive rollers, which are realized by hydraulic motor and gears.

The position of the upper roller is fixed.

The three lower rollers move up and down as hydraulic drive.

3D transverse guide rollers
Can be adjusted independently in six directions to ensure the best control of the flatness of the rolling, and to correct the distortion generated during the profile rolling process.

BIT four-roll profile bending machine has up to 6 sets of hydraulic components, which can accurately drive the 3D guide rollers of the profile bending machine

Hydraulic Section Bending Machine
W24-75 4-Roll Hydraulic Section Bending Machine

By adjusting two more powerful horizontal hydraulic 3D guide rollers, they can be adjusted in the six directions of up and down, left and right movement and push/pull, respectively, and can support and accompany curved profiles to ensure optimal control of the rolling level Straightness, and correct the deformation of the profile rolling process.

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