B25-3 CNC Aluminum profile bending machine

cnc aluminum profile bending machine

B25-3CNC profile bending machine

B25-3CNC profile bending machine is mainly used for the bending of special aluminium profiles, aluminum-plastic aluminum profiles, various special-shaped aluminum profiles, stainless steel profiles, rectangular steel pipes, etc., and can bend various shapes (C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle) Shape, ellipse, combination of multiple radii, etc.), large cross-section, small radius aluminum profile can be rolled and formed at one time. It is an ideal processing equipment for the arc bending process of decoration enterprises and aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall enterprises.


Voltage:220V 50HZ
Roller speed:1-15 rpm
Roller diameter:60mm
Axis distance:270-600mm
Y-axis push rod thrust:25 tons
Repeated positioning accuracy of Y-axis push rod:≤0.02mm
Maximum torque of X axis:4000 N.m
Minimum processing radius:100mm
Machinable profile:Maximum width 150mm
Maximum axial height 200mm
External dimensions of the host:500mm*300mm*1200mm
Weight of the whole machine:1200kg
Special aluminum profile bending machine
CNC Special aluminum profile bending machine

Use environment

  • Please put it indoors to prevent water from drenching;
  • Ambient temperature 0℃-45℃;
  • It is recommended to use hydraulic oil: HM68#;
  • Grounding: the equipment must be grounded reliably;


There are safety protection switches in the response positions such as the operation console and the left side of the fuselage, which can protect personal safety, equipment safety, and reduce workpiece damage during emergency stop;

The position setting can be fine-tuned. The industrial computer has the function of automatically remembering the position, which can eliminate man-made measurement errors and stop collision accidents, and double safety protection.