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W24S-600 profile bending machine with BIT cross-section bending combination mold can bend various profiles; the section bending machine in the picture is equipped with customized pipe molds to bend pipes, and the powerful hydraulic cylinder makes the bending of larger pipes change. It is working in a factory in the UAE.


The BIT series hydraulic pipe bending machine (pipe rolling machine) allow the best profile feeding and the highest driving torque of any competitive machine. A winning combination for those looking for performance of the highest level.

From the tightest bend to the broadest, BIT serise hydraulic pipe bending machines’s bending processes produce little to no distortion or ovality.It work with almost all grades of carbon steel pipe and aluminum pipe. We can bend full and half pipe with equal quality and precision.

Our hydraulic pipe benders can easily do large sweeps and can, indeed, bend any size radius except very tight bends. W24S-800 profile bending machines can bend up to 26” OD pipe (Even higher, the BIT section modulus can reach up to 8000CM3). BIT serise pipe bending machines dies that match the OD of the pipe to be bent.

Nominal Pipe Size & Pipe Schedules

BIT serise pipe bending machines may be performed on a variety of materials, including carbon steelstainless steelaluminumtitanium, and copper.

hydraulic section and pipe bending machine, more power, more technology.

The BIT machines perfectly marry power and technology to give you superior performance.

The BIT section bending machine design combine a solid frame with the most advanced technological innovations which make it simply unrivaled as far as power, ease of operation, efficiency, maintenance-free and long life are concerned.

Pipe bending video

The rolls driving is realized by independent hydraulic motors via planetary gear transmission directly coupled to each driven roll.

The independent rolls hydraulic drive assures an optimal distribution of the torque on each roll during the working phase.


  Specification (mm) Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)
W24S-16 76 × 4 700
W24S-45 102 × 4 1000
W24S-75 140 × 4 1800
W24S-140 170 × 6 2000
W24S-180 219 × 6 2500
W24S-250 245 × 6 3000
W24S-320 325 × 6 4000
W24S-400 400 × 6 8000
W24S-500 452 × 6 8000
W24S-600 510 × 20 10000

Pipe bending machine, The powerful and reliable choice

The most heavily stronger frame you can find in the market.

Unlikely slim frames covered with thin thickness plates that you can find on all machines in the market our frame design looks thicker oversized.

The exclusive full frame design withstands all bending forces and guarantees stiffness and performances through the years.

This unique machine frames, with extended design for added rigidity and strength, are welded fabrication.

After welding all frames are stress relieved and then machined on cnc milling machines.

section and Pipe bending machine photos

Hydraulic section and pipe bending machine Cost and Hydraulic pipe bender Price

Our hydraulic pipe bending machine price is lower than our peers’, and our hydraulic pipe bender is high quality, we have our own manufacturing factory, all products are factory price, there is absolutely no middleman markup, we accept both small hydraulic pipe bender (W24S-6) customer and large hydraulic pipe bender (W24S-600) wholesale customer, hydraulic pipe bending machines and hydraulic pipe rolling machines for sale online.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email, we can give you efficient solution and low cost quotation, your inquiry will be highly appreciated.

Video of section and pipe bending machine

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Must know section bending information:practical guide to the section bending of various metal profiles

Under the link, we provide detailed information on three series of profile bending machines. You can click on the specific model to read more detailed machine information and some related stories about the machine.

hydraulic profile bending machine

All W24 series section bending machine are driven by hydraulic motor (up to 9), powerful bending ability.
Standard machine section modulus: 16CM3-600CM3. It can bend copper, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum profiles.
Angle, channel, beam, flat bar, round & square bar,pipe,square tube.

aluminum profile bending machine
CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Servo motor drive. Photoelectric positioning, CNC control. Accuracy is as high as ≤0.01mm.
Suitable for difficult variable-curvature arc aluminum bending processing.Suitable for bending of aluminum profiles for automobiles, doors and windowsSuitable for bending of aluminum profiles for automobiles, doors and windows

Section Bender

Small section bender (section bending machine), with manual and semi-hydraulic drives, can bend profiles other than beam.
Cheap price, first choice for small factories

profile bending machine

Section bending methods of metal profiles.

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