BIT square tube/pipe bending machine (square pipe rolling machine): strong bending ability, high efficiency and high precision, and can easily bend square tubes of any material.

square tube bending machine

Five types of square tube/pipe bending machine

MS series

MS series square tube/pipe bending machine is a small manual or hydraulic profile bending machine.

square pipe rolling machine
square pipe rolling machine
  • Width (mm): 20-50
  • Height (mm): 20-65
  • Wall thickness (mm): 2-6

Features: Simple operation, small size and complete functions. It is also a multi-functional section bending machine, which can roll various profiles by changing the mold.

MS section bending machine

W24S series

W24S series special square tube rolling machine (Tube roller bender) has a combined profile section bending die, which can easily bend square tubes of any material.

  • Width (mm): 65-350
  • Height (mm): 65-350
  • Wall thickness (mm): 6-12
square tube bending machine
square tube bending machine
Diameter (mm)
W24S-1665 × 61000
W24S-4590 × 51500
W24S-75100 × 62000
W24S-140120 × 83000
W24S-180150 × 85000
W24S-250180 × 106000
W24S-320200 × 108000
W24S-400250 × 1210000
W24S-500300 × 1215000
W24S-600350 × 1230000

W24S section bending machine

B-CNC aluminum square tube bending machine

CNC control. Accuracy is as high as ≤0.01mm. 

square aluminum pipe rolling machine
square aluminum pipe bending machine
  • Width (mm): 50-300
  • Height (mm): 70-500
  • Y-axis thrust (ton):10-70

Can be bent in various shapes (3-D graphics, C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle, ellipse, multiple radii combination shapes, etc.)
Suitable for bending of aluminum profiles for automobiles, doors and windows

B CNC ALUMINUM PROFILE bending machine

Aluminum square tubing bending machine

B-R200 CNC aluminum profile bending machine is mainly for the bending of various small metal profiles. It can bend various shapes (C-shaped, U-shaped, square, polygonal and other shapes).

aluminum section bending machine
aluminum c channel bending machine
  • Max.Section. Width (mm): 100
  • Max.Section. Height (mm): 100
  • Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ40

PB-25 CNC series square pipe bending machine

Bending pipe process uses servo drives, strong powerful;

  • Width (mm): 18-168
  • Height (mm): 18-168
  • Wall thickness (mm): 2-14
  • Bending radius range (mm) :25-750
  • Maximum bending angle (°) :0-200
  • Core length (mm) :1800-5000
square pipe bending machine
square pipe bending machine

Induction tube bending machine

Tips for bending square tubes

Bending Square Tube
bending square tube (square pipe)

However, there is some troubleshooting to do when performing steel tube bending.

Bends often require achieving a tight radius. Since the outer wall of the bend becomes thinner, the result may be a distorted bend. To prevent this, using a mandrel to give support is recommended. That is also why press or ram bending is not recommended in these situations. The most adequate bending method would be mandrel bending, which is the same as rotary draw bending, but adding a mandrel to support the inside of the pipe.

Sometimes the radius we need to achieve makes the steel to exceed its elastic limits. It can result in deformation in the form of a hump or wrinkles. To prevent the formation of humps and wrinkles, it is recommended to use rotary draw bending or three roll bending.

When bending stainless steel tubes and pipes, it is important to remember that some of the stainless steels require around 50% more power for bending than carbon steels. Therefore, that the machinery must be set accordingly.

Tube roller bender application

Rectangular & square tube bending has many different industrial applications, from the manufacture of pipeline equipment to the creation of architectural, structural, and HVAC components and much more.

  • Aerospace
  • Architecture & construction
  • Subsea, offshore, drilling & petroleum
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Pulp & paper
  • Lawn & garden
  • Commercial lighting
  • Playground, fitness & exercise equipment manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Process equipment manufacturing
  • Storage tank and vessel construction
  • Pipeline construction & modification

Square tube bending machine Cost and Price

Our hydraulic square tube/pipe bending machine price is lower than our peers’, and our hydraulic tube rolling machine is high quality, we have our own manufacturing factory, all products are factory price, there is absolutely no middleman markup, we accept both small bender (W24S-6) customer and large bender (W24S-600) wholesale customer, hydraulic tube bending machines and hydraulic tube rolling machines for sale online.

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w24s profile bending machine

All W24 series section bending machine are driven by hydraulic motor (up to 9), powerful bending ability. Standard machine section modulus: 16CM3-600CM3. Can bend various types of materials into an arc or a circle.It can bend copper, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum profiles.
Angle, channel, beam, flat bar, round & square bar,pipe,square tube.

aluminum profile bending machine

CNC aluminum profile bending machine
CNC control. Accuracy is as high as ≤0.01mm. 
Can be bent in various shapes (3-D graphics, C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle, ellipse, multiple radii combination shapes, etc.)
Suitable for bending of aluminum profiles for automobiles, doors and windows

section bender
section bender

Small section bender (section bending machine), with manual and semi-hydraulic drives, can bend profiles other than beam.
Cheap price, first choice for small factories

profile bending

Section bending methods of metal profiles and the corresponding bending capabilities of various BIT models.