W24S-250 Profile Bending Machine


section bending machine
W24S-250 profile bending machine with small volume and strong capacity

W24S-250 profile bending machine is also one of our most popular section bending machines. Every year, we export about ten units to the world through Chinese trading companies. At the same time, for the convenience of transportation, we have reduced the size of the machine while ensuring the bending performance, so that it can be accommodated in a 20-foot container. The small volume has a huge profile bending ability.

W24S-250 section bending machine fuselage of the machine is a steel plate welded structure, and the internal stress is eliminated by annealing treatment,it has sufficient strength and stiffness to satisfy the bending of the profile in the range of the machine.

Angle, flat bar, square bar, channel, I-beam,H-beam, round bar, pipe,square tube,tee, etc. can be rolled by combined die.

Why not W24S-260 section bending machine, but W24S-250 section bending machine?

There is another model W24S-260 profile bending machine in the Chinese market. If you pay careful attention to its parameters and compare them with those of BIT W24S-250, you will find an interesting phenomenon. Although the section modulus of W24S-260 is 260CM3 , But its bending ability is weaker than BIT W24S-250, why is this? The answer is simple: the BIT series profile bending machine was designed with the reliability and maximum bending capacity of the machine in mind at the beginning, as well as various materials (especially stainless steel) of the same size, so it uses a higher bending capacity part.

Why not W24S-260 section bending machine, but W24S-250 section bending machine?
W24S-400 profile bending machine that can bend the same size stainless steel parts in the parameter table.

For example, the W24S-400 profile bending machine in the picture below is customized for a factory in Xinghua, Jiangsu. Although its section modulus is only 400CM, it often bends stainless steel parts during work (the strength of stainless steel is much higher than that of ordinary Q235 Material), and the ordinary W24S-400 profile bending machine on the market cannot meet the needs of the factory because it is designed according to the Q235 material. Only BIT serise section bending machine can bend stainless steel parts of the same size. This is also after the customer visited the four factories for consultation. Just choose our company’s products.

W24S-75 bending stainless steel channel profile
W24S-45 profile bending machine bending stainless steel channel profile

W24S-250 Profile Bending Machine Specifications

bar profiles bent hard way Max.Section(mm): 200×50 bar profiles bent easy way Max.Section(mm): 400×60
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2500 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2000
bent square bar profiles Max.Section(mm): 130×130 bent pipe profiles Max.Section(mm): Φ245×6
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ3000
bent square tube profile Max.Section(mm): 180x180x10 angle profile bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 180x180x14
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ6000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ3000
angle profile bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 180x180x14 channel profiles bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 450
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ4000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2500
channel profiles bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 450 bent tee profile Max.Section(mm): 180x180x20
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2500 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2000
bent I-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 450 bent H-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 240
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2500 Min.bending DIA(mm) Φ15000
Sectional modulus cm3: 180-250 Bending speed: 4.5 Meters/Minute
Material yield limit(Mpa): 250 Motor power (KW): 22


Transportation mode of W24S-140 and W24S-180 profile bending machine
Transportation mode of W24S-140 and W24S-180 profile bending machine

It should be noted that the transportation of W24S-140, W24S-180 and W24S-250 profile bending machines requires a special 20-foot container with an open top because of the weight.

Story of W24S-250 profile bending machine

It performs section bending work in a factory in Xinghua, Jiangsu, China, mainly for bending stainless steel flanges and angle irons. The largest customer of the factory is Chenguang Group in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, which is a very famous company.
What is interesting is that this is the first profile bending machine ordered by this factory. About a year later, they ordered a larger profile bending machine from us: the reinforced W24S-400 profile bending machine.

W24S-250 Profile Bending Machine Photos

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