The section modulus of W24S-400 profile bending machine is 400CM3. It is a more powerful section bending machine that provides outstanding capabilities at a competitive price and can bending all types of profiles.


The section modulus of W24S-400 profile bending machine is 400CM3. It is a more powerful section bending machine that provides outstanding capabilities at a competitive price and can bending all types of profiles.

W24S-250 Profile Bending Machine
More powerful W24S-400 profile bending machine, provides excellent functions at a competitive price, and can bend all types of profiles.

The three rollers are driven by three independent hydraulic motors and three planetary gears directly connected to each roller to achieve higher torque transmission.

The W24S-400 profile bending machine can provide the best results for the bending of special and standard profiles and tubes of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper and other steel alloys.

In the process of processing, the special three-dimensional lateral hydraulic guide roller is more powerful, can support and accompany the curved profile, with up and down, left and right movement and push/pull movement, so that the operator can control the work 360 degrees.

Cooling system of hydraulic station of profile bending machine
Efficient and reliable cooling system

The hydraulic system of the BIT series section bending machine is equipped with an efficient heat dissipation system. Even in the hot Middle East, the BIT machine will not reduce performance or even stop working due to the overheating of the hydraulic system.

W24S-400 Profile Bending Machine Specifications

bar profiles bent hard way Max.Section(mm): 250×70 bar profiles bent easy way Max.Section(mm): 500×80
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ3500 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ1200
bent square bar profiles Max.Section(mm): 165×165 bent pipe profiles Max.Section(mm): Φ400×6
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ3000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ8000
bent square tube profile Max.Section(mm): 250x250x12 angle profile bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 200x200x28
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ10000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ4000
angle profile bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 200x200x28 channel profiles bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 550
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ6000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ4000
channel profiles bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 550 bent tee profile Max.Section(mm): 250x250x30
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ4000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ4000
bent I-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 550 bent H-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 400
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ4000 Min.bending DIA(mm) Φ35000
Sectional modulus cm3: 320-400 Bending speed: 4.5 Meters/Minute
Material yield limit(Mpa): 250 Motor power (KW): 37

W24S-400 Profile Bending Machine Photos

Story of W24S-400 profile bending machine

In the article W24S-250, we mentioned that a factory in Jiangsu successively purchased two BIT profile bending machines.

W24S-400 is the second machine purchased by this factory, and the day the contract was signed was the third day of the Chinese New Year.

 Profile Bending Machine
Group photo with factory manager and W24S-400 Profile Bending Machine

After two months, we completed the assembly and debugging of the machine, and there is no paint yet. Due to the customer’s bending needs, they directly took away the unpainted machine and went back to paint by themselves. At the same time, due to plant problems, the factory did not use the foundation, but welded the workbench for bending.

In the introduction of the W24S-500 machine, we will also see an unpainted machine performing I-beam section bending, which is also due to the same reason.

Video of W24S-400 profile bending machine

In the video, our customers are very excited to say: It can bend large flanges of more than 1 ton.

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hydraulic profile bending machine

All W24 series section bending machine are driven by hydraulic motor (up to 9), powerful bending ability.
Standard machine section modulus: 16CM3-600CM3. It can bend copper, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum profiles.
Angle, channel, beam, flat bar, round & square bar,pipe,square tube.

aluminum profile bending machine
CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Servo motor drive. Photoelectric positioning, CNC control. Accuracy is as high as ≤0.01mm.
Suitable for difficult variable-curvature arc aluminum bending processing.Suitable for bending of aluminum profiles for automobiles, doors and windowsSuitable for bending of aluminum profiles for automobiles, doors and windows

Section Bender

Small section bender (section bending machine), with manual and semi-hydraulic drives, can bend profiles other than beam.
Cheap price, first choice for small factories

profile bending machine

Section bending methods of metal profiles.

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