WQJ-400 Profile bending machine


WQJ-400 Profile bending machine
WQJ-400 Profile bending machine

WQJ-400 Profile bending machine is a symmetrical section bending machine and is a general-purpose equipment dedicated to profile bending. It is bent flat bar, angle, round bar, pipe (tube) and tee and other profiles, and is widely used in machinery industries such as boilers, chemicals, mining, construction, and shipbuilding.


Max.Section(mm):1 ½”x2,9Max.Section(mm):Ø60×1.5
Min.Section(mm):40x20x2Min.bending DIA(mm):30×2

Profile Bending Machine Parameters

Mold diameter: φ180mm
Upper shaft diameter: φ70mm
Lower shaft diameter: φ70mm
Plate yield limit: 245MPa
Rolling speed: 4.5m/min
Main motor power: 1.5Kw

Profile Bending Machine Working Principle

Section bending machine
WQJ-400 Profile bending machine

WQJ-400 profile bending machine rotating handle makes the upper die move vertically. The lower die meshes with the gear of the reducer for circular motion, and has a rounding function. Compact structure and easy operation and maintenance.

The transmission of the lower mold is realized by the motor through the reducer, and the gear of the output shaft end of the reducer and the gear of one end of the mold are meshed and transmitted to the lower mold, thereby driving the rotation of the lower mold.

The realization of the upper mold lifting movement is realized by the rotation of the handle.

The unloading is performed after the profiles is bent, the metal rod is rotated to raise the upper mold and the bent member is taken out from between the upper and lower molds.

Profile Bending Machine Structure and Lubricating

WQJ-400 Section bending machine consists of two parts: the working part and the transmission part on the welded overall chassis. The working part consists of a bracket, three moulds and some auxiliary parts. The upper mold is vertically lifted and moved, and the lower mold is engaged with the speed reducer by a gear to make a circular motion, and the bending function is realized by adjusting the height of the upper mold. The transmission part consists of a motor, a reducer and other auxiliary parts.

Lubricating parts are required for each friction part of the machine to keep the machine running and prolong its service life.

Inject the lubricating oil into the gearbox, generally using the mechanical oil of the grade HJ-40. Grease must be applied regularly on the gears.

Profile Bending Machine Photo

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