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Profile bending machine bending tubes

Bending stainless steel tube technology in profile bending

Bending stainless steel pipe/tube is a process that can be used to shape stainless steel pipe into many useful configurations.
The difficulty of bending a section of pipe depends on the thickness of the pipe.
Although thick-walled pipe requires more force to bend, it is less likely to fail during the bending process than thin-walled materials.
Pipes of different sizes need their own set of molds.

aluminum profile bending machine

B3D-13-3 CNC 3D Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Application B-3D-13-3 CNC aluminum profile bending machine is widely used in the bending of various non-standard metal aluminum profiles in building doors, windows, curtain walls,… Read More »B3D-13-3 CNC 3D Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Special aluminum profile bending machine

B25-3 CNC Aluminum profile bending machine

B25-3CNC profile bending machine
B25-3CNC profile bending machine is mainly used for the bending of special aluminium profiles, aluminum-plastic aluminum profiles, various special-shaped aluminum profiles, stainless steel profiles, rectangular steel pipes, etc., and can bend various shapes (C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle) Shape, ellipse, combination of multiple radii, etc.), large cross-section, small radius aluminum profile can be rolled and formed at one time. It is an ideal processing equipment for the arc bending process of decoration enterprises and aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall enterprises.