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8 reasons for tube wrinkles when using a mandrel tube bender

8 reasons for tube wrinkles when using a mandrel tube bender

Although not all elbows require a mandrel, the use of a mandrel can provide many advantages. For example, the purpose of the plug mandrel is to prevent the tube from flattening and to allow the bend to be completed without wrinkles or kinks. However, sometimes even the mandrel tube may be wrinkled.

What is mandrel tube bending?

When using a mandrel tube bender, keep the mandrel in a fixed position while pulling the tube onto the mandrel. The drawing process of the tube is limited to the outer radius of the elbow, and the material is work-hardened to maintain its shape without flattening. Material stretching is done at the front end of the mandrel. The force acting on the tip of the mandrel supports the inner radius of the elbow and holds it firmly in the groove of the elbow die.

However, problems sometimes arise when bending. One of the most common problems we encounter is tube wrinkles. There are many reasons why the tube may wrinkle when using a mandrel bending machine.

Eight causes of tube wrinkles

The tube slips in the clamping die

The mandrel distance is not far enough

The wiper mold is not correctly placed in the bending mold

Worn wiper or improper installation

The gap between the mandrel and the tube is too large

Insufficient mold pressure

Improper or excessive lubrication

If the mandrel and wiper mold are in the correct position, check the inside pressure on the pressure mold. You may need to apply more pressure on the pressure mold to secure the tube to the mold. Slowly adjust until there are no wrinkles. Finally, check whether the mandrel is suitable.

When using a traditional mandrel bending machine, troubleshooting can be a time-consuming process. When placement and positioning must be checked manually, and when complex or multiple bends are performed on one machine, this can be a difficult task.

The bending automation unit can bring many other benefits, helps prevent some of the most common causes of bending, and speeds up the troubleshooting process.

The bending automation unit provides 3D software with touch screen that is easy to set up and easy to use. Compared with manual bending, these make programming and using the bending automation unit for mandrel bending easier and faster. Since you can check the settings and explore potential problems in the software, you can usually determine the problem before bending the part.

The automation unit can also automatically and automatically load and unload on the spindle. This helps prevent certain human errors that can cause the tube to wrinkle.