Not cold knowledge! It is the advantage and use of cold bending.

Cold bending

Cold bending is the most successful method of bending steel for use in construction and industry.

In simple terms, cold rolling is the process of strengthening steel by changing its shape without using heat. Mechanical stress is used to change the structure of metal. Strain hardening can then increase the metal’s strength by up to 20%, and can also improve a metal’s surface finish.

During the cold rolling process, when the metal is put under mechanical stress, it causes a permanent change to the crystalline structure of the metal. This causes an increase in its strength and often improves corrosion resistance. Along with improving its surface finish, another advantage of cold rolling is better dimensional accuracy.


It results in a smooth and even curved section of steel and is especially accurate in bending profiles.

By placing the metal profile in between three rolls in a profile bending machine (also called section bender,angle bending machine,etc.) or plate bending machine made for the purpose, an elegant curve is produced. As the machine makes consecutive passes, the distance is shortened between the rolls, which results in the bend. Because of the shape of the three rolls surrounding the profile, this type of bending is sometimes called pyramid rolling.

Ho to bending:

When you need to bend the metal profile, you must first decide whether to perform the section bending of the profile yourself or entrust the control of the bending company.

If you decide to do it in your own company, you need to buy a machine for bending metal profiles or plates.

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Types of Cold Bending and Custom Metal Bending Products:

Profile Bending:Profile bending (also called section bending) orders can be carried out in every type of custom shape for diversified uses including angle bending, channel bending, beam bending and iron bar bending(flat, suqare,rectangle) .

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Davit Arms – Perfect for supporting blind flanges used in the openings of pressure vessels. Additionally, they can be used to hold an item up while workers are moving another item product place.

Tubing Bending – Special ordered cold bending is important to the aerospace and petrochemical industries as well as oil fields and refineries.

Bent Pipe – Bent pipes can include an arc, curve or particular radius.

Serpentine Coils – Fills an industry need for cooling and heating applications that require a medium transfer of heat, rather than a large amount. They are constructed using up to eight vertical lengths of tubing spaced around the perimeter of a vessel.

Helical Coils – Offer the best solution to cooling and heating applications using rinse tanks, acid solutions, alkaline mixes and replacement heating elements.

Draw Bending – Using specific die sets and a centerline radius, rotary draw bending is a very precise method of bending.