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Production and bending of tee steel

Production and bending of tee steel

The tee section is a variety that is not usually provided as a steel profile. Except for small sections, tee section is obtained by cutting I beam. Usually use cut or torch cuts to get two tee sections. Cutting is usually done in the middle of BEAM, but sometimes it is off center.

When the residual stress of the beam is relieved by torch cuts, the tee section will bend. If a straight tee section is required, straightening operations must be performed. One method is to squeeze the beam in an arching machine that constrains the steel cross section when squeezed with one or two hydraulic cylinders. Another method is to roll the beam cross section on an angle roller (also known as a section bending machine or profile bending machine). The latter method tends to produce a straighter serving area.

Ripple-free tee section

It can produce 21-inch T-shirts up to 80 feet long with a web thickness up to 1 inch. The standard tolerance of the tee is 1/8 inch above 5 feet; using a right angle roller, the tolerance on any tee length can be accurate to 1/8 in. The 30-foot-long T-shaped ball can be rolled into the entire 1/16 inch.

After splitting the beam into tee section, the tees can be bent into a rod shape, with the rod shape outward or the rod shape upward, to achieve a large and very tight radius, somewhere in between. Again, very precise dimensions.