Angle Bender

Profile Bending Machine

W24S-600 Profile Bending Machine

W24S-600 profile bending machine with BIT cross-section bending combination mold can bend various profiles; the section bending machine in the picture is equipped with customized pipe molds to bend pipes, and the powerful hydraulic cylinder makes the bending of larger pipes change. It is working in a factory in the UAE.

W24S-16 Profile Bending Machine

DESCRIPTION W24S-16 profile bending machine is a small section bending machine, which can also bend various material profiles. W24S-16 Profile Bending Machine (also called section bending machine) is… Read More »W24S-16 Profile Bending Machine

tee bending machine

Tee bending machine

\In the picture, the BIT section bending machine uses the function of a tee bending machine, and it is bending a high-strength stainless steel tee.
A quicker and more effective way to straighten tees is with a BIT serise section bending machine (also called a “profile bending machine,” or an “section bender.”). The curved steel tee is run through large rollers with smaller calibrating rollers until it is straight.