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What is profile bending machines?

Section Bending

Angle Ring has been offering steel bending and curving services using cold rolling and cold bending techniques for 60 years, primarily on machinery designed & built in house.

This steel bending machinery has allowed us to remain the market leader for curved steel sections, bar, tube and plate, offering a truly comprehensive & competitive service. With dozens of machines being operated, often around the clock, we are able to produce your work quickly and economically regardless of whether you require a single tube bend or a large production run of curved steel.

Initially, in 1951, the company curved steel angles bar and tube, and hence used the name the Angle Ring Company. 60 years on we now operate cold bending machines to cover the entire section range from 6mm diameter tube or bar, through to 1100mm deep beams.

Flat bar, angle sections, tubes, channels, plate, box section (SHS and RHS) universal beams, columns and joist are all within our cold rolling or section bending capacity.


  • Quick, economical, flexible, accurate
  • Small quantities or one-offs easily accommodated
  • Small or large sections
  • Solid or hollow sections

Induction (Hot) Bending

We operate a range of induction bending machinery for all of the markets we serve.

Induction bending was used primarily to produce tube or pipe bends at tight radii for the offshore / oil and gas industry. The machinery we operate is designed and built in house to enable us to serve the oil, gas and process engineering markets and also the structural markets, offering hot bending services for structural sections such as beams, channels, RHS / SHS, ovals and semi ovals to radii not possible with cold or mandrel bending / rolling machinery.

The main advantage of induction (hot) bending is the minimal deformation of the section profile, even at tight radii, which is essential for both the petrochemical and building markets. As we operate all our bending services, whether cold rolling, hot bending, press braking or plate forming, on a single site, even if your order requires different processes you can be assured of a quick & economical delivery, with all items subject to the same high level of quality.


  • Minimal cross section deformation
  • Small radius bends
  • Accurate radial tolerance
  • Small quantities or one-offs easily accommodated
  • Large sections, including the Jumbo range of hollows are possible

Any pre or post bending testing and heat treatment can be offered as part of our service, giving you a hassle free source for induction bent items.

Angle roller is divided into horizontal and vertical. It can be divided into up-and down-down according to different shaft arrangements. It is curved aluminum profile, flat steel, square steel, round steel, angle steel, I steel, H Advanced machinery for profiled steel, square tube, rectangular tube, round tube and other profiles.

Angle Roller
Angle Roller

Angle Roller are also referred to as section bending machine, profile bending machine, angle rolls, section benders, section bending machine, angle rolling equipment, angle rolling machine, angle steel Bending machine, Tube bending machine, Pipe bending machine, Profile rolling machine, Section rolling machine, Tube rolling machine, Pipe rolling machine, Machines for bending, Pre-owned machines, etc...

Performance & Festures:

The three-roll angle roller is fully driven by three rolls, which can be used for pre-bending of the profile. By adjusting the idler, the distortion generated during the winding process of the asymmetric profile can be corrected.

Angle Roller
Angle Roller

1. The device is small in size, compact in structure, reliable in performance, convenient in operation and maintenance;

2. It has the function of pre-bending of the end of the profile, and the bending of the workpiece is completed by one feeding without turning the head;

3. Structural form; three-roller arc type;

4. Equipped with independent mobile console, easy to operate and use;

5. Advanced structure, reliable work and advanced functions.

Profile bending machine