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What is profile bending machines?

Preparation before commissioning

(1) Check that all fastening joints are reliable.

(2) Check if there is sufficient oil supply in each oil cup lubrication point and manual refueling station.

(3) Check if the circuit of the electronic control system is good and the grounding is proper.

No-load test

After checking the normal rear, the operator can be tested by the operator who is familiar with the performance of the machine. The test procedure is as follows:

The idling test of the main drive and the hoisting drive alternates in a continuation mode for one cycle every 15 minutes.

In the main drive operation, it is advisable to make the main roll mold contact the side roll mold to make it rotate, and the positive and negative times each take half of the time.

During the lifting and lowering drive time, the lifting is repeated.

Commissioning requirements

The maximum temperature of the rolling bearing must not exceed 80 °C.

The working mechanism of the machine and the operation of the operating mechanism should be coordinated with each other, and the operation is flexible without abnormal noise or jam.

Electrical and lubrication systems are normal and reliable.

All fastening joints are not allowed to loosen.

load test

The load test can only be carried out after the no-load test is normal. The general procedure is as follows:

According to the relevant profile parameters specified in the basic parameter table, the material shall be flattened and the end of the profile shall be pre-bent according to the specified diameter.

Round the workpiece into a circular diameter of the specified diameter according to the skillful procedure of the operation.

Load test requirements

The load test shall meet the relevant performance requirements in the basic parameters.

During the loading and loading operation, the transmission system should be stable, no impact, and no abnormal noise. The working system and the operating system should be flexible, accurate and reliable, the rollers should not be oscillated, and the temperature of each bearing should not exceed the above requirements.

There shall be no slippage between the mould and the profile during the rolling process.

Profile bending machine