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What is profile bending machines?


Reasonable lubrication of the machine is an effective measure to reduce the power consumption and improve the life of the machine. For this reason, it is necessary to select a reasonable lubrication material and establish a necessary lubrication system.


This machine adopts oil cup lubrication and manual oiling according to the working conditions. Lubrication parts are shown on the machine lubrication label.

Selection of Lubricants

Artificial grease, using calcium-based grease. Lubrication points for oil cups use calcium-based grease No. 2 in the summer and calcium-based grease No. 1 in the winter.

Lubrication System and Precautions

The user shall establish a specific lubrication system according to the specific working system, load and operating conditions of the machine.

Lubrication points must be lubricated sufficiently before starting the machine.

In the case of continuous operation of the machine, the oil cup is usually fed once every 4 hours, and the gears are usually lubricated once every three months.

The entire lubrication system of the machine is cleaned once a year.

Hydraulic system

The main shaft drive and side roller lifting of this machine are all completed by the hydraulic system. The rated power of the system is 7.5KW, the rated working pressure is 19.5Mpa, and the rated flow is about 8.6L/min. The electromagnetic relief valve is used for no-load starting and the pressure is adjusted for overload unloading. The pressure adjustment range and pressure fluctuations are observed through the pressure gauge. .

The system is in the form of switch control. The condition of the solenoid valve is determined by the condition of the actuator (see the system operation sequence table for details); the hydraulic check valve is used to hold pressure on the edge roller cylinder and the speed control valve is used to adjust Spindle rotation speed and side roller cylinder lift speed.

According to the requirements of the specific operating conditions of each actuator, a hydraulically controlled one-way valve is provided on the lifting cylinder of the side roller, the lifting and lowering of the idler, and the rotating cylinder circuit to achieve the pressure maintaining function. In order to observe the different pressure conditions of each branch, a pressure gauge is installed at the overflow valve of each oil pump outlet, so that the pressure condition of the system and each branch can be easily observed; the oil suction port of the oil pump is also provided with Suction port filter to ensure the cleanliness of the oil entering the system

The effective volume of the fuel tank of this equipment is approximately 160 liters. It is recommended to use about 200 liters of YA-N46 normal hydraulic oil, filtered by a fine oil filter and injected into the tank. It should be noted that, after the oil has fully entered the pipeline and the fuel tank, the tank should be replenished with oil again, so that the liquid level of the tank reaches the upper limit of the oil level.

Before the machine leaves the factory, the hydraulic system has been debugged according to the following steps. Users can generally do not need to readjust:

Start the oil pump motor and adjust its direction of rotation by pointing the oil pump up arrow. (Judge that the pump rotation direction should be seen from the end of the pump shaft)

When the pump is started or stopped, the system overflow valve should be in the unloaded state; the system pressure should be adjusted to about 5MPA, and the manual solenoid valve should check whether the movement of each cylinder is correct.

The operation of the various actuators was tested several times after power on, and the pressure was increased stepwise by -5Mpa-8Mpa-12Mpa-14MPa---. The test was conducted and the phenomenon of leakage, impact, vibration, etc. was found and checked and eliminated in time.

After the set pressure of the overflow valve is adjusted and determined, the lock nut of the overflow valve shall be tightened to prevent accidents due to machine vibration or artificially arbitrary operation. The idle test run can be performed for a period of time. The gas in the road is fully filtered. After the actuators are stable and reliable, all filter elements are thoroughly cleaned or replaced before the load test can be performed.

The system oil temperature should be appropriate. The oil temperature of the tank should not exceed 60 degrees. Consider the specific environmental conditions. If the machine works in a hot environment, the hydraulic oil with higher viscosity can be used; For better conditions and longer service life, minimize the contamination of the oil. Clean or replace the filter element regularly. Check the degree of deterioration of the oil every six months. If it exceeds the limit of use, replace it in time and replace it before changing the oil. Exhaust the old oil, clean the fuel tank, filter it into the fuel tank after being filtered by the fine oil filter, and avoid mixture of old and new oil.

Always check the tightness of each pipe joint, whether there is any leakage, and find out that the abnormal situation should be eliminated in time.

The machine will be left unused for a long period of time, and the air in the system shall be exhausted after restarting.

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