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What is profile bending machines?

Security Operations

The operator should understand the structure and performance of the machine, be familiar with the operation method of the control system and the workpiece during the rolling process, and strictly observe the safety operation.

Before starting and parking, all the buttons of the electronic control system must be placed in the original position.

In the course of use, the lubrication conditions at each lubrication point should be checked frequently.

In the course of operation, if irregular noises, impacts, or swings are found, they should be stopped and overhauled immediately.

In the course of use, all transmission mechanisms and connection sites should be inspected frequently to keep them free of any looseness and damage.

During the rolling process, the profile must move with the roller and slippage is not allowed.

During the rolling process, the side roller must be raised and lowered before the main drive is stopped.

Unloading work is to remove the workpiece after the machine is stopped and the edge roller is lowered.

Machine Maintenance

Proper use and reasonable maintenance can extend the service life of the machine and reduce the cost of repairs. The main points of maintenance of the machine are the following:

The machine must work under normal operation and lubrication, and strictly implement the lubrication system.

Establish a regular inspection and repair system.

All vulnerable parts, when excessive wear or loss of original performance requirements, should be promptly replaced. If any parts are damaged, they should be promptly repaired.9.2.4

rolling bearing must not exceed 80°C.

If the electrical system is to be overhauled, dust removed, and replaced in time the failed component, the machine tool should be properly grounded.

The work site shall not be allowed to stack work materials. The scale shall be cleaned in time.

Profile bending machine